$1 1795 3 LVS B-7 BB-18 PCGS MS63+ OSTHEMIER


Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this magnificent VERY HIGH END Flowing Hair Dollar. It is truly remarkable in every respect!

Think about how this 224 year old coin was hand struck. Think about where it has been all this time and wonder hit survived in such a remarkable state of preservation. We sure do.

Amazing surfaces are so much cleaner then coins your find from the late 1800’s that should look nice. Only with a strong glass can you find n old tick or two-there are NO marks on this coin. Even adjustment marks are pretty non existent. A very good luster does beam from all over. There is no question about this coins originality. Both sides are a GEMMY original pewter/deep silver/faint gold color. In an image more colors come out. Miss Liberty and the details are remarkably struck. This coin is closer to an MS64 then an MS63. The eye appeal is outstanding!

PCGS 5, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the ONLY MS63+. CAC has only beaned 5 higher. A MS64 is worth around $300,000.00 (see our Regency Auction 34). These days all you will find are cleaned lower graded pieces. Finding a coin like this is now a once in a few years event.  We suggest you do not think too long. Once this great coin sold, good luck finding another!


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