What a remarkable piece! This is a totally original unmessed with coin. We classify it as a GEM AU specimen! We do not see early $10 any more in a condition like this. The surfaces are surprisingly clean and satiny. The luster is also superior to most you will ever see for the date. In fact there are light traces of semi-prooflike mirrors. Of course with a strong  glass you can find a few trivial lines and a teenie tick or two. The wear is extremely light and there are NO discolorations on the high points. Both sides are a beautiful original superb gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 31, NGC 55, CAC 4. This coin is the only AU58+ graded by PCGS. Apparently is sold with NO bean in 2015 for $39,950.00 (although there is a chance there could be two of these-that has never been answered). In MS61, CAC has beaned only 3 coins. In today’s world, we would NEVER buy ANY early gold piece  with out a CAC bean. Do not let the PCGS pops or the price scare you. The current Collectors Universe Value is $53,500.00. Good luck finding any PCGS CAC Early gold at reasonable prices. There is none around hardly at ANY price! We assure you, this coin is nicer than all the other AU58’s and even up to MS61 coins you will ever see! This coin is a “must have” for any great $10 collection or for any Bust Gold collector. You just do no find original pieces like this any more.


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