VERY HIGH END. We wish all MS63’s could look this good. Think about how many hands it must have passed though in its 222 year existence!

Impressive surfaces appear clean and smooth. There are no distractions that standout. In fact even using a glass all you see are a few scattered tiny lines/ticks. There are NO hidden surprises. We further assure you this is not an “AU63”. A strong glowing luster beams vividly from all over. Both sides are a beautiful original yellow gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations anywhere. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely well struck and have generous frost. The eye appeal makes this coin really exciting!

PCGS 17, NGC 2, CAC 4. We can not stress enough how nearly impossible it is to find one so original and choice these days. The current PCGS CAC Value is $90,000.00. Do not let the pops fool you, these do NOT appear in any frequency.


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