No question this coin is a SUPERB GEM AU. At first glance, it looks MS. We LOVE AU’s when they are like this (and are properly graded).

Save for a few MICROSCOPIC old ticks, the surfaces overall appear very clean. When using a strong glass you can see minor die clashing (Mint made). We see nothing but positives about this GEM AU coin. We do NOT believe it was ever messed (CAC does not bean cleaned coins). A bold luster beams from all over. Both sides are an original deeper gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. There is some weakness on the left sides obverse stars, however all other details are sharply struck and have light frost. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 25, NGC 8, CAC 8. PCGS has graded 2 in AU58+. Neither has ever been sold via auction.

ALL written numbers are wrong for this date. We can NOT buy even an AU58 for $28,000.00 (and then to call a + $28,500.00? really?). Do not fresh when a cleaned or non beaned MS62 sells for less. There is a HUGE difference in quality.

With a  CAC bean, these do NOT make many (if any) appearances in ANY grade. Heck the last MS60 to appear in auction was back in 1999!  Buying a great original coin like this that is of SUPER HIGH END quality has little downside. We doubt you will see the other trade for less-if it ever pops up!

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