We always try and buy big Early Gold pieces when we see they are no question original and are nice. This coin is also VERY HIGH END! Exceptional surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. Only using a strong glass and adding some effort could you find a few light and scattered ticks and lines. These are NOT visible to the naked eye. There is even a hint of semi -prooflike mirrors along with a good luster. The surfaces also do very much have their “original skin”.  Both sides are a totally original moderate gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are well struck. The eye appeal is wonderful! PCGS 13, NGC 5, CAC 4. A very critical note: the last PCGS to sell in auction was back in 2008 and brought $41,400.00. Even in MS62, the last one to sell was in 2005. In legitimate MS, this date is VERY rare in ALL grades. We strongly believe we bought this coin really right and are offering super reasonable. Its not a coin your going to see offered at shows or even in auctions. Opportunity knocks loud here!


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