$10 1847 PCGS MS62+


We have loved this coin at first, second, and now third sights. When we saw it in our “super secret stealth sellers box” we wanted it back in our possession. Time for this wonder coin to find a permanent home!

This is one of the few early $10 we have ever seen with real contrast. The surfaces are clean overall. When using a strong glass you will find only the lightest of lines scattered about. Hits or ticks are non existent. The surfaces are also real semi prooflike mirrors. You do NOT have to imagine them. When you twirl the coin the flash will astound you! Both sides are a brilliant yellow gold color. A thin band of deeper orange gold frames parts of the rims. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details stand out with impressive full strikes and thick yellow gold frost. The eye appeal is just amazing!

PCGS 22, NGC 12, CAC 7. PCGS has graded 2 in MS62+. We last owned this coin back in 2016. Back then we paid $16,000.00. This coin was last in auction 01/2017 where it sold for $13,513.00. We believe this coin has been tired by more than one crack out dealer for a 63. Its obvious PCGS is holding the line due to the few lines. Its okay, this coin still looks BETTER at least one MS63 we have seen (MS63 is pop 3). We bought his coin really right and are proud to offer it to our customers again.