We are kind of surprised this coin did not CAC. We bought it in our deal before it was sent it in. We still really like it as an AU55. Considering its been on the bottom of the sea for all these years, the coin cleaned up nicely. You can only see a few old light ticks and lines. Even more cooler you can see totally original traces or prooflike mirrors (not mirrors from being scrubbed up). The color is a deeper gold with a splash of deep orange gold. Miss Liberty and the details are really sharply struck. In fact the wear is light and even. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 50, NGC 224 (these are regular PCGS /NGC pops) This is in the bigger holder with the pinch of gold. Any 1849 in AU 55 (NON CAC ) is worth about $1,250.00. Yes, this coin does have a ship premium, but here are the facts: we believe¬† at most there is only ONE other 1849 (grade unknown at this time). These were NOT on the ships manifest. This coin was actually carried by a crew member or a passenger. It is from a real unquestioned treasure ship. Its a real piece of numismatic history. How can you beat all that? WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE  


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