$10 1901 PCGS MS65


WOW, can’t say enough of them for this coin! We peg the quality to be ULTRA high end! We see only a tick tick HIDDEN on the face that keeps this from a MS66+ designation. The surfaces are exceptionally clean and have a lovely thick satiny texture. Only with a strong glass can you see a tick on the face. A strong luster beams all over. Both sides are gorgeous and totally original thick gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck. The eye appeal is fabulous! PCGS 356, NGC 646, CAC 61. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $4,290.00 09/2017. We can’t imagine this piece not being superior. This is in an older blue tag holder-so its really the way MS65’s should be!  Even the pickiest buyer on the plant will LOVE this coin. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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