$10 1908-S PCGS MS66+


WOW! What a SUPERB GEM! No question this coin is VERY high end and we are glad PCGS confirmed it with a +. This coin is right at MS67 door vs being closer to an MS66 grade. We strongly believe a small frost break on the right reverse is what holds this coin back from anything higher. And it really is so minor that even using a glass you have to tilt the coin to see it. The rest of the coin looks like it sat untouched for 110 years. The surfaces have an original deep matte/satiny look. No question this coin was never messed with in any way. The luster is good and beams well from all over. Both sides are a totally original deeper sandy gold color. This is NOT a dull or drab coin. Miss Liberty and the details are not only fully struck and have light frost, they have NO whacks (so common for so many $10 Indians). The eye appeal is terrific! PCGS 10, NGC 4,  CAC 7. PCGS has graded 3 coins in MS66+. Here is a real surprising stat: the last PCGS MS 66 coin to sell in auction was in 2004. The last MS66+ to sell brought $35,251.00 in 2015. Think these are tough???  That is insane for NONE to have appeared in auction in 14 years. We strongly believe all printed prices for this date are way too low. NO PCGS MS67 has appeared in auction since 2007. Today one would easily bring $75,000.00 (if it was CAC). As many of you may know, GEM $10 Indians like this do not appear too often.


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