$10 1914 PCGS MS65


Superb in EVERY respect! This coin clearly borders on being a 65+. Remarkable super clean surfaces are a delight to behold. They have a semi-satiny texture and emit a good luster. Both sides are a totally original even gold color. There are no spots or discolorations any where. Miss Liberty and the details are 100% fully struck and do very much standout. The eye appeal is super pleasing! PCGS 34, NGC 46, CAC 10. Prior to this coin selling, the last 1914 PCGS MS65 CAC to sell in auction brought $11,162.00 08/2014. Prior to that, these easily would have cost $12-$17,000.00. These are NOT as common or easy to find as you might think! The market has really made these quite the exceptional deals.


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