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$10 1920S PCGS MS63+


Item# 22670

WOW! This is an incredible VERY HIGH END example of one of the most sought after $10 Indians that exists! Legend Numismatics (who has built the #1 all time finest ever $10 Indian Set) is proud to own and offer this magnificent coin.

If you were to cover up the date, you’d say it’s 1926, not a 20S.

Outstanding surfaces are surprisingly clean and smooth. Really, there are NO whacks or scrapes as so commonly seen. An even better strong luster enhances gorgeous and totally ORIGINAL shades of orange/deeper yellow gold. There are NO discolorations or spots. This coin clearly has never been dipped or messed with in any way. Most important: Miss Liberty and the details are SHARPLY struck. You can clearly see the FULL Liberty in the headress. The eye appeal of this coin is gorgeous!

PCGS 4, NGC 6, CAC 4. PCGS has graded only this coin and the Crow River Coin MS63+. Once this coin of gone, you will no other chance to buy ANY PCGS CAC 20S for a very long time. The lone PCGS CAC MS64 is locked up tight in a world class collection that will be handed down the family (we est. that coin at $225G-$250G easy). Because of all the limited appearances, ALL published prices for this date are pretty much wrong. Be glad this coin is not in an auction.

We have priced this coin to sell-and not much above what we paid. You can NOT buy an extreme rarity like this cheap (especially since it has color and is REALLY high end). In fact, we don’t even remember seeing ANY PCGS NON CAC dreck 20S $10’s floating around in ages. If you are building a really choice $10 set, this coin is a “must buy”!



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