10C 1798/7 PCGS MS63 13 STARS POGUE


This is the absolute FINEST KNOWN 1798/7 10C 13 stars. It is solid for the grade-and could be even higher if it weren’t for Mint made issues. Ed Price, one of the greatest Dime Collectors  ever said: The finest I have ever seen or heard of”. We FULLY agree!

Overall, the surfaces are not beat up. Only with a strong glass can you see a few small cuts.  However this coin is as heavily clashed as we have seen on ANY Dime. The dies just could not make it, thus you have these Mint made die clashes that are remarkably pronounced. Surprisingly, this coin actually has a strong luster. A hint of original gold can be seen by the peripheries only. The reverse has a streak of of original blue/copper colors. Miss Liberty and the details are softly struck. However the stars on the obverse were razor sharp. The eye appeal is actually very nice! 

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin’s only  auction appearance (in our lifetime) was in the Pogue Sale 05/2015. The coin realized $199,750.00 in aggressive bidding. We are pleased to offer this unique coin for your consideration. Clearly, with commoner Merc Dimes (38S MS68+ FB) selling for $348,000.00, this absolute once in a life time rarity is priced really fair.

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