We love this coin so much we thought it was selling for too cheap in our September Regency Auction, so we bought it. The quality is really SUPERB and the coin is HIGH END.

Here was the description from our sale:

This is a borderline-GEM example of this scarce die marriage, and one of the FINEST KNOWN examples, well up in the condition census for the JR-4 Large 8 variety.

Bold, pearly satin luster graces both sides, with flashes of semi-reflective accents when rotated in a light. Brilliant silver blends with pale gold and delicate tangerine that is dusted around the peripheral details on the obverse while the reverse has a richer blue and somewhat deeper gold hues. Mostly well struck there is touch of weakness on the stars to the left and the central reverse, but overall the strike is sharper on this coin than most seen. Struck from an intermediate state of the obverse die, a crack runs from TY in LIBERTY to Liberty’s nose. Also struck from clashed dies, but the die break does not continue from the nose back to the rim at about 3:00 as seen on the Ed Price-Brent Pogue coin. The eye appeal is exceptional, equal to the importance of the Eliasberg provenance. Ex lot 1045 from the May 1996 Bowers and Merena / Stack’s sale of the Louis Eliasberg Collection. No prior pedigree information is given, thus it is likely from the Clapp Estate, which in 1942 was purchased by Eliasberg en bloc, forming the core of his legendary collection.

PCGS 4, NGC 4 (as a date), CAC 4. We were shocked to see this coin brought only $58,750.00 in our sale. Prior to the the most recent PCGS MS64 to sell in auction was the Ed Price- D. Brent Pogue example that sold for $82,250 in May 2015. This attractive and totally original beauty is a coin worthy of placement in any world class collection of early dimes, type coins, or any holding of really cool coins. Good luck! Cert. Number 83556931 PCGS # 004466

We have the other Large Eagle in our offices which is the Pogue coin. The Collectors Universe Value is $75,000.00. You are not going to see many PCGS CAC pieces like this offered in a lifetime! We can not explain why the market is paying little attention to such a great coin.

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