For ANY 1814 coin to be this nice-a miracle. This is a legit very high end coin! We are blown away by how clean and smooth the surfaces really are. We used a strong glass and looked all over really hard and found ZERO problems. A moderate glowing luster can be seen. The colors are all original. The obverse is a sea foam green/light blue/pale gold color. The reverse is more of a golden brown color with blue highlights. Most important: this coin has the best strike we have ever seen. Every looks so sharply detail! WOW! PCGS 28, NGC 3, CAC 6. No PCGS CAC MS64+ has ever been sold via auction. It should be noted, the last PCGS MS64 to sell in auction brought $6,462.00 07/2017. The last CAC MS65 to sell was back in 2013 and was the Green/Newman coin graded by NGC. which brought $14,100.00 This MS64+ is really THAT close to full MS65! We consider this the BEST MS 64 1814 we have ever seen (and we HAVE seen quite a few)! Plus it is unmessed with. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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