This is one of the FINEST (if not THE) No Stars MS Dimes in existence! It is VERY high end and just oozes with originality. Sensational surfaces are ultra clean and perfectly satiny smooth. Even using a strong glass will only impress you further about this coins great quality. A full bold luster greatly shows off the fabulous and totally original color mix of magenta/pale navy/golden brown/forest green colors that swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is tremendous! PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 2 (we believe this is both coins). The last one of these to sell in auction brought $63,250.00 in 11/2007. Lets do the math-that’s NINE years ago!!!!! Need any more proof as to how ridiculously rare this coin is? This is NOT just a condition rarity. Once you break MS64, these are impossible to find-especially this nice. We can not stress enough now this monster of an UNDERvalued and UNDERrated coins deserves to be placed in a great home. If you are building a superb Dime or Type set, this coin should be included. Or, if you have a many dupes that are doing nothing, we’ll take a trade-this is a coin with real unlimted potential! You could offer $100,000.00 and never get another. Opportunity does more then just knock loud here!

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