10C 1860 PCGS PR65+ CAMEO


This is a totally original GEM 156 year old Proof coin. It is also a superior value. Only with a strong glass and few seconds of looking around can you find some light scattered lines. The mirrors are really strong. They do have excellent clarity and are very reflective. Both sides are evenly bathed by a light mellow mix of champagne/violet/blue/pewter colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is classy! 1000 were struck but most were melted due to poor sales at the Mint. PCGS 6, NGC 6, CAC 5. There is NO auction record fro this PR 65+ CA ever selling. Get this: the last auction record we have for a REGULAR PR65 CAM (NO CAC) was $1,410.00 02/2014. The last PCGS PR66 CAM CAC sold back in 2013 for $3,525.00. This is a coin that “fell through the cracks” for sure. The current Collectors Universe Value is $2,750.00. You can’t even buy a PCGS CAC PR65 CAM for what we’re offering this coin for! And if you notice, its an extremely LOW pop coin. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE  


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