10C 1902-O PCGS MS65


For an 1902O 10C, this is a lovely GEM. These typically do not come so nice. Legend exclusively built the Law/Simpson #1 Registry Set of MS Barbers-so we know what these should look like! Amazing surfaces are actually are perfect. We used a strong glass and looked really hard and found ZERO imperfections. The texture is smooth and satiny. The luster is surprisingly strong for an O Mint. A light to moderate mix of totally original pewter/pale olive/deep champagne colors blanket the surfaces. Miss Liberty and the details are all fully struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is excellent! PCGS 11, NGC 6, CAC 3. Prior to this coin selling, a PCGS (NO CAC) brought $4,495.00 06/2015 and one brought nearly the same in 2013. We bought his GEM really right. Think about it, how many of these in MS65 or higher have you ever seen offered? We can’t think its many at all! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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