10C 1913 PCGS PR67


We are pleased to have been able to purchase this “silent” stopper for the series. Think about how many PR barber Dimes you have really ever seen dated 1913? Serious deep mirrors beam vividly from all over. They are clan, have remarkable clarity, and are highly reflective. They look like a freshly formed sheet of ice! Gorgeous and totally original moderate slashes of lilac/amber/blue/pale purple colors are lively and are all over both sides. Miss Liberty and the details are well frosted (this coin is a borderline Cameo). All off the details are fully struck. The eye appeal is great! ONLY 622 were minted. PCGS 6, NGC 12, CAC 7. The last record we could find of ANY PR67 1913 selling in major auction was back in 2009 when a coin realized $5,463.00! NOTE: in full cameo they are about $5,000.00. Fast forward, today is not 2009 and this coin is not fully cameo. The market has spanked values of great coins like this too hard. Building a 64-67 set today in our opinion represents great long term potential. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!

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