1798 $1 Dollar Bust, Large Eagle Pointed 9 B-27 PCGS AU53 (CAC)


Look what we bought! We have not had a CHOICE AU bust dollar in what seems like ages. This coin is all there and then some!

We cannot believe how clean and smooth the surfaces are. we used a strong glass and really look at this coin a few times. This is NOT a scrubed up or retoned coin. A beautiful and totally original pewter/silver/soft dove colors swirl about both sides. There is a surprising good luster to make the toning stand out. The strike is seriously above average and you can see a ton of the finer details. There are no dark patches or spots. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 63, NGC 54, CAC 8. We are stunned that there is no record of any PCGS CAC coin ever selling via a major auction. That makes a powerful statement. The current Collectors Universe of $9,750.00 is too low for this coin. With only 8 CAC’d, it will be VERY hard to find another. We really like this coin and are happy to offer it.


This has been sold or is no longer available
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