We had to own it. This piece is from our recent REGENCY 47 sale. Here was the description:

The presently offered GEM is tied for FINEST KNOWN of all those designated as Bar-Dot at PCGS. The O-118 is a Rarity-3 die marriage. Popular among collectors and researchers alike, showing that there are still subjects in extensively studied specialties still wating to be fully researched and explained.

Incredibly lustrous surfaces radiate with an uninterrupted cartwheel bloom. Even close inspection with a strong glass fails to reveal anything more than a light break in the brilliant frost. Delicate hints of the golden tone are dusted on both sides, most specifically near the peripheries. The centers are crisply rendered from a bold impression of the dies, though there is some minor weakness at the rim and stars 5-7 and the corresponding area of the reverse. The surfaces are nearly pristine, and even a strong glass fails to reveal anything more than a planchet streak and a tick or two. The mostly untoned brilliance is exquisite and a delight to behold.

The O-118 is one of four die marriages classified as a BAR DOT. Named because of of the small line which protrudes to the right of the loop of the 6 in the date, that ends in a dot. Speculation abounds among experts as to what these die characteristics were caused by; some suggest that its remnants of an underlying 4, but the debate suggests its unlikely that four such overdate varieties were used. Overton’s reference notes: “This would seem to be the best candidate for 1836 over 4.

PCGS 21, NGC 11, CAC 8. (PCGS has graded just 3 for the Bar-Dot O-118 variety in MS65 and NONE FINER). This is the FINEST listed in the Spring 2021 Revision of Stephen Herrman’s AMBPR, and the other MS65 on the PCGS Coin Facts census is in the Dr. Charles Link Collection. The only record we can locate of this coin selling was in Heritage’s February 2014 New York Auction, lot 5136, where it realized $14,688. As a distinct Red Book type this coin is among the FINEST KNOWN and presents a very important opportunity for the advanced specialist in this beloved series. Good luck!

We absolutely LOVE this coin. We also do not understand why in todays rarity driven quality market a coin like this is so cheap? Even if you only seek a single Bust half, this coin will make an awesome choice!


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