1848 1/2C Half Cent Braided Hair Original PCGS PR65RB (CAC)


The extreme great rarity and quality of this coin can NOT be overstated. It is as rare as 1894S Dime, and it is HIGH END quality! In your lifetime you will see no more then a handful of ORIGINAL HALF CENT PROOFS offered of any date or grade.

What a marvelous and totally ORIGINAL GEM this coin is. Shallow but real mirrors are clear, clean, and do have some decent reflectivity. The color is a totally ORIGINAL mix of faded mint red and light brown. A few tiny toning dots can be seen. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have light frost. Here is a partial description from Goldberg: “Mint red fading to steel brown, about half of the red remaining. The fields are nicely reflective with moderate mirrors on the obverse and slightly deeper ones on the reverse. A gem except for a few carbon spots, including one in the field left of the date and another in the field below star 10 near the hair bun.” We’d like to add, the eye appeal is wonderful!

ONLY 15 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. The only other piece graded 65-is the other PR65+ from the Missouri cabinet. That coin sold for $94,875.00. If that coin had not been first, we would not have been able to buy this as reasonably as we did. Most likely this will be the ONLY ORIGINAL PR 1848 GEM for sale for years. NO PR65’s have ever sold in auction. If this were a silver coin, we could see it being worth and easy $75,000.00++. We can’t stress enough how much we feel these are UNDERvalued -still! Opportunity pounds loud here!


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