Legend Numismatics is proud to present a Matched Original set of a lifetime! This set has some remarkable coins in it.

The technical qualities are all there and then some on each coin. EVERY coin has clear and bold mirrors. The few that are not CAC we really scratch our heads with as to why not?

H.01 PCGS PR64RB. Heavily toned with patched of faded red. Spot free. Strong mirrors.

1C LARGE CENT SMALL DATE PCGS PR64+ RB CAC. Deep original colors. Great spot free mirrors.

1C FLYING EAGLE PCGS PR64. What was CAC thinking here? Looks great to us!

3CS PCGS PR65 CAC. VERY HIGH END. Super strong mirrors. Moderate toning.

H.10 PCGS PR65 CAC. Glittering mirrors have wonderful toning like the rest.

10C PCGS PR63 CAC. Sure looks better than just a 63!

25C PCGS PR64+ CAC. Wonderful watery mirrors. Free of lines or detractions.

50C PCGS PR64. A bit deeper toning. Still has some great mirrors!

$1 PCGS PR65 CAC. VERY HIGH END! Great flash and quality. NO dead spots in the mirrors.

In todays market, you could spend far more trying to assemble a set like this. And that is if you could even find the coins!

This set has it all-its 164 years old. It has 4 denomenations that are obsolete. Its most valuable coin-the dollar, is a magnificent specimen. The majority of these coins have less then 100 minted! We know of only one other surviving matched original set.

We firmly believe this is a once-in -a lifetime opportunity! WE love MATCHED ORIGINAL proof sets! You can buy this unique set for $137,500.00 or buy a commoner MS67+ Saint for $204,000.00. We know which we’d buy!!!


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