1864 2C Two Cents Lg Motto PCGS PR65RD (CAC)


What lovely GEM Mint RD SUPERB GEM! We probably have handled more of these in higher grades than anyone. This coin definitely is well worthy of its designation! We placed this coin with a customer a few years ago. We LOVE this VERY HIGH END GEM!

Extra deep mirrors glitter all over. Only when using a strong glass, will you find tiny dots-they are TONING dots, not flecks or other issues. The mirrors actually are clear and there is no haze. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors glisten like freshly formed ice. Both sides are a bold GEM original MINT RED color. The details are needle sharp and do have light frost. The eye appeal is exceptional!

Only 100 total were estimated to have been minted. PCGS 16 NGC 5, CAC 2. CAC has only beaned ONE coin higher! We were shocked to find the last PCGS CAC piece sold in auction was way back in 2014! The current Collectors Universe Value is low at $9,750.00 as none have traded in years. In fact its ridiculous. Even the much mismanaged CDN shows a wholesale $9,400.00 bid and $10,500.00 ask-and they are always off on coins like this. Opportunity does knock very loud for the Civil War Collector or Two Cent Proof enthusiast-you won’t find another anytime soon (Legend would happily buy the other PCGS CAC example)!

It is our STRONG opinion, this date in PR65+66 RD are UNDERvalued. Do NOT be fooled by the pops.



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