1866 2C Two Cents PCGS MS66RD (CAC) BENDER


A definite WOW coin all the way! When we first saw this GEM, we could not put it down. Tom Bender chose this coin for the same reasons.

This coin is the way these are supposed to come. The surfaces still have all their ORIGINAL “skin”. An intense luster beams from both sides. There are NO visible problems. A small planchet scrape (for lack of a better term) flake can be detected on the reverse ONLY with a strong glass. There are one or two tiny toning dots/grease marks. The color is a totally genuine Mint Red (and its NOT fading either)! We can not stress enough the extreme rarity in ORIGINAL NON FADED GEM RD color. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has light frost. The eye appeal is fantastic plus!

PCGS 14, NGC 7, CAC 4. The last one to sell in auction sold for $14,100.00 in 2016 before this coin brought $8,700.00 in Bender! The current PCGS CAC value is $9,500.00. Do not let the pops fool you, these are extremely rare in this lofty state of preservation! This is a true GEM RED coin too. Impossible to find another GEM like this with only 4 beaned at CAC.


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