1892-O 25C Quarter Barber PCGS MS66+ (CAC)


Compare this coin to ANY MS66+ or even a 67, there is little to no difference. We did resubmit it too-years ago. Crazy. We make no promises, but this has to be the BEST MS66+ 92-O that exists!

FLAWLESS surfaces are a sight to behold. You can scrutinize the surfaces with a neutron microscope, and you will find a single hidden microscopic tick and NOTHING else. The surfaces have a thick satiny texture. Both sides enjoy a strong glowing luster. Iridescent totally original colors of green/violet/champagne/gold pale blue swirl all over in a dramatic fashion. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and seriously stand out. The eye appeal of this coin is heart pounding! We can stare at this coin all day.

PCGS 17, NGC 6, CAC 9. PCGS has graded 7 in MS66+. NO published prices apply to his SUPERB ULTRA HIGH-END GEM! A PCGS MS66+ CAC sold for $9,106.00 05/2018 and a lesser looking PCGS CAC 92-O MS66+ sold for $8,400.00 in 2021. These coins are NO comparison to this killer piece!


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