1893 10C Dime Barber PCGS PR68 (CAC)


A beautiful and nearly flawless Proof Barber Dime! We admit, we sent it in at the PCGS Philadelphia Invite last week seeking a PR68+. Oh well, PCGS obviously said NO!

The mirrors are strong and beam well all over. We used a strong glass and looked really hard and found ZERO issues-nothing even microscopic. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of glass. Wonderful “old time” totally original toning pf moderate forest green/blue/pale violet/champagne colors swirl all over. There is some contrast on the obverse. Miss Liberty and every detail are pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is beautiful!

ONLY 752 were struck. PCGS 4, NGC 5, CAC 4. The last PCGS CAC coin to sell via auction brought $12,925.00 09/2022. The current Collectors Universe value is $15,750.00. We can tell you, after the Stewart Blay coins sold, these certainly have proven demand. This coin more than worthy of its price! Also, this is in a very old PCGS holder (not pancake).

Legend Numismatics LOVES Proof Barbers. They are a completable set. We highly recommend good looking coins in PR64-68. Look at the mintages-anything BELOW 1,000 is not a lot. Just picture a ballpark or NFL stadium, 1,000 people would not even fill one section!


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