1914 25C Quarter Barber PCGS PR67CAM+ (CAC)


It is incredibly HIGH END (PR67+++), has killer looks, and does border on Deep Cameo. If this coin had been in a PR68 CAM holder, we would not flinch. This is a 100% WOW coin!

Incredible miles deep mirrors explode from all over. They are pristine in every respect and have zero haze. The clarity allows for powerful reflection from the mirrors. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors have a “watery” like roll. Only a slight hint of vibrant original golden brown can be seen around the peripheries and light touch in the centers. There is full ULTRA black and white contrast. Miss Liberty and the details look like they were sculpted from a frosty block of ice. Every detail is pinpoint sharp. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 5 NGC 5, CAC 6. ONLY 380 were ever minted. PCGS has graded only 2 in PR67+ Cameo. This coin sold for $21,150.00 IN 07/2021. We are stunned PCGS has graded a PR68+ CAM (which of course is now why this coin is available) It is irreplaceable (there are no DCameo 1914 known in GEM). This is a great coin destined for a your great Barber Proof Collection!


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