1C -$1 1866 PR SET PCGS PR66-PR68 ALL CAC


We can not believe our eyes! This mega monster set should not even exist. There is NO question every coin had been hand picked from the Mint. There are several pieces in this set that would easily sell for world record prices if they were sold as singles.

1C  PCGS PR67RB CAC. What a way to start the set. This coin has amazing mirrors that are clean, clear, and offer a full reflection. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors do have that “watery” roll. Both sides are a GEM Original faded Mint red/golden brown color. There is strong contrast. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 1. There are NO auction records for this date.  Some how there is a Collectors Universe value of $7,500.00. We feel looking like this and bring a pop 1, it should be $10,000.00+!

2C PCGS PR66RB CAC. The originality of this coin is remarkable. It is called a RB because the  GEM RED color is faded and has some light toning. The mirrors are strong and do have some flash. The surfaces are perfect!

PCGS 23, NGC 22, CAC 16. The last auction record for a PCGS CAC piece was for $3,525.00 08/2020. This coin is a MUST SEE!

3CS  PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC. We see no reason why this coin is not a + (We make no promises). The mirrors are deep. clean, and are crystal clear. When you twirl the coins the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of glass. Totally electric toning circles mostly the obverse and matches the other coins. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 10, NGC 8, CAC 5. The current Collectors Universe Value is $4,000.00. If this set is ever broken, this coin easily would acheive a record price!

3CN PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC. WOW! This is a borderline DCameo. The contrast is incredible. Deep mirrors are crystal clear and are super clean. Miss Liberty and the details stand out due being sharply struck and thickly frosted. The eye appeal is insane!

PCGS 20, NGC 19, CAC 15. The current Collectors Universe Value is $2,000.00. This is yet another killer coin hat is sold on its own would command substantial money! Seeing is believing.

5C RAYS PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC. Yet another VERY HIGH END Coin. Deep and clean mirrors beam boldly all over. The mirrors also have exceptional clarity. The mirrors look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and is loaded with GEM white frost. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 40, NGC 27, CAC  15. The last PCGS CAC piexe to sell in auction brought $4,230.00 01/2015. We certainly do NOT see Nickels like this!

H.10 PCGS PR66 DCAMEO CAC. This magnificent coin is one tiny scuff from total perfection! Super deep mirrors beam boldly from all over. You do not see dates like this with such powerful mirrors. This coin has monster contrast and is completely untoned. The eye appeal is gonzo awesome!

PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 1. Obviously there are no records for any CAC selling. A PCGS NON CAC did sell for $6,169.00 08/2014. Yet another coin that is sold singley would set a record price.

10C PCGS PR67+ CAC. A the obverse is a full blown Cameo. The reverse has toning similar to all the coins of deep lavender/pale navy. All of the details are fully struck and stand out with electric frost. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS 2, NGC 7, CAC 1. Obviously there are auction records for any selling. We could easily see this as a $10,000.00 coin.

25C PCGS PR67 CAMEO CAC. This coin is a MONSTER borderline DCameo. The mirrors have tremendous flash and clarity. The obverse has a jaw dropping contrast. The reverse is covered by the same toning the other coins in the set have. You can still clearly see the mirrors through the reverse toning. Your eyes will pop out and roll around when you see this monster!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 1. Obviously there are no auction records. All we can say is, this coin clearly is one of the FINEST Proof 25C from the 1860’s we have ever seen!

50C PCGS PR68 CAMEO CAC! WOW! This coin is the epitome of perfection. Deep mirrors beam boldly from all over. The mirrors are crystal clear and are super clean. A wild mix of totally original blue/lavender color frames the rims where a coin obviously had been lying. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and are fully struck. The eye appeal is beyond incredible!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. There are no auction records for any PR68 Came ever selling. It should be noted a PR67 (NO PCGS) sold for $23,500.00 in 2016. The rarity of this date and grade can be over stated! In auction this coin would bring run away price.

$1 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO CAC. You could not ask for or find a better PR Seated Dollar! Outrageous mirrors beam boldly from all over. The mirrors are technically perfect and offer exceptional clarity. The contrast is clear. Both sides are bathed in the dame pale navy/lavender colors all the other coins are. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and are so thickly frosted they look 3-D! The eye appeal is incredible!

PCGS 5, NGC 5, CAC 4. PCGS has graded only this coin in PR66+ Cameo. Hard to believe there is one coin graded higher. There re NO auction records for any 1866 PR $1 66+. There is a Collectors Universe value of $35,000.00 (which we think is a tad low for a coin like this).

This is yet another amazing Proof Set from the Buckeye II Collection. Only the best f the best sets are int he collection. Clearly this 1866 fits the bill!




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