What a marvelous set! This set has been off the market for many years in the outstanding Buckeye II Collection. Every coin is of superior quality. NO question this is a matched original set!

1C 1860 PCGS PR65+ CAC . You can actually see some flash from the mirrors here! The surfaces are super clean. Some light toning covers both sides. There are NO spots or discolorations. All of the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 43, NGC 14, CAC 13. There is just this coin graded PR65+ and has not been in auction, clearly. The current PCGS Price Guide value is $4,500.

3CS PCGS PR64+ CAMEO CAC. This is closer to PR65 than to PR64. Deep mirrors glitter boldly from all over. The colors are a swirling blue/purple for the most part. All of the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is powerful! PCGS 4, NGC 2, CAC 3. There are 2 in PR64+ CAM, neither have sold in auction. PCGS Price Guide value is $2,250.

H10C 1860 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO CAC. The mirrors beam really well from all over. However, we looked really hard with a strong glass and we see nothing but perfection. There are NO marks or even tiny dots. The colors are uniform to all the other silver coins-blue/gold/navy/aqua green/pale tangerine. This coin oozes with originality too. All of the details are sharply struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is super! PCGS 6, NGC 0, CAC 6. There are three in 66+ CAM. We sold the most recent in our January 2020 Regency Auction for $4,818.

10C 1860 PCGS PR65+ CAMEO CAC Excellent mirrors beam from all over. There are NO imperfections anywhere. We used a strong glass and looked really hard and found nothing. The colors match all the other coins- navy/purple/deep gold. All of the details are clearly frosted and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is superb! PCGS 8, NGC 5, CAC 6. There are 3 in PR65+ CAM, the most recent of which brought $1,980 in September 2019 and the Collectors Universe value is $2,750.

25C 1860 PCGS PR65 CAMEO CAC. Sleek mirrors beam vividly from all over. The mirrors are super clean and have good clarity. A crescent of the same navy/purple/violet/deep gold colors that all the other coins enjoy are vivid here. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have thick frosting. The eye appeal is fantastic! PCGS 5, NGC 4, CAC 3. No PR65 CAM graded by PCGS has sold in over 15 years! Collectors Universe is $4,000.

50C 1860 PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC . This is nothing but an amazing coin. The mirrors have extreme clarity and lots of flash. The colors are identical to all the other coins in this amazing set: navy/purple/violet/blue/aqua green. Miss Liberty and the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and are loaded with hick frost. The eye appeal is tremendous! PCGS 6, NGC 3, CAC 5. The last one to sell brought $14,688 in our July 2018 Regency Auction and the current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $17,500.

$1 1860 PCGS PR64 CAMEO CAC. This coin is SUPER HIGH END! PCGS showed it no mercy. Save for a stray line or two (which might be on the holder) we can’t see this coin as just a PR64 (no promises). The mirrors beam boldly from all over. They look like a freshly made sheet of glass. Of course this coin has the same original colors: navy/purple/gold as all the other coins. Miss Liberty really makes an impact as she stands out with thick frost and a sharp strike. The eye appeal here is phenomenal! PCGS 20, NGC 2, CAC 15. The last one to sell brought $5,760 in the 2020 FUN auction, and the current PCGS value is $7,500.

We have only handled one other set even close to this (it brought $64,000.00). Take our word on it, this is amazing fully matched original set. We consider these to be the last frontier in numismatics! Did we add this set is SUPER HIGH END TOO!

It is our strong belief that ALL matched original sets are the last frontier in numismatics


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