This is one of the most unbelievable coins that survives from the earliest days of the Federal Mint in Philadelphia.  While no “Proofs” were struck, and no records for any “special striking” exist for the first coinages, it is evident that special care was taken in the production of certain coins.  Clearly this is one, with exquisite Prooflike reflection in the fields and sharply struck devices.  For over two centuries, this specimen was lovingly cared for, preserving it for posterity.

It is a remarkable survivor, one of the FINEST of all early cents, and the FINEST-KNOWN AMERI Chain cent.  Webelieve it could even be the very first stuck. Increasing its desirability is the fact that few collectors have ever been able to see this coin, let alone have the opportunity to OWN it.  A true masterpiece of the coiner’s labors, it is a coin that is true “museum quality.”  There is even a remote chance it was the very first 1793 1C ever struck!
Edward Cogan, traded privately – Joseph J. Mickley Collection – W. Elliot Woodward 10/1867:1938, $110 – M.Mortimer Livingston Mackenzie Collection – Edward Cogan 6/1869:626, $145 – John Rhodes – James E. Root – Edward Cogan 12/1878:234, $170 – Lorin G. Parmelee Collection – New York Coin & Stamp 6/1890:670, $167 – Virgil M. Brand Collection, sold privately on 2/7/1941 – Burdette G. Johnson, sold privately 0n 7/6/1943, $450 – Oscar J. Pearl Collection – Numismatic Gallery FPL 1944:1, $1,850 – Charles M. Williams Collection – Numismatic Gallery 11/1950:1, $1,400 – Harold Bareford Collection, sold privately on 9/13/1985 – Herman Halpern Collection, sold privately on 12/11/1986 – R.E. “Ted” Naftzger Collection, sold intact on 2/23/1992 – Eric Streiner – Jay Parrino (The Mint) – Legend Numismatics.
It is remarkable that this coin, one of the most beautiful examples of this early type, has not had extensive and exhaustive write ups.  Part of the reason is that it has never appeared in auction since 1950.  Since that time, it has graced three of the most famed large cent collections: Harold Bareford, Herman Halperin, and Ted Naftzger; but each time it traded privately.  Since dealer Jay Parrino owned it in the mid 1990s, it has not been offered publicly.
Legend Numismatics is thrilled to again have the chance to place this UNIQUE AMERI Chain cent into a WORLD CLASS collection.  The difficulty to find this variety in high grade cannot be overstated:  This is the FINEST (and the only one to be classified as a SPECIAL STRIKE), followed by the Weinberg Coin, PCGS MS64+ BN, then the MS61 BN from the Pogue Collection and the AU58 from the Dan Holmes Collection (all three had extensive pedigrees as well).  The Census goes to AU53, but the records on CoinFacts may include duplicates of the same AU coin.
This is the coin of a lifetime for sure!


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