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Item# 54132

We really do like this piece. We do not understand why CAC did not bean it. We fully rank the quality as HIGH END.

This coin was purchased by the Blue Lake Collector in 2001 and has been with him ever since.

The surfaces are exceptionally clean and smooth. When you twirl the coin, you see the silky gloss that is typical to Wreath Cents. Using a strong glass, there are no imperfections (especially no green PVC) to be found.  The reverse offers a few tiny die cracks (Mint made). Both sides are totally drenched in a beautiful deeper chocolate brown color. Unless we are missing something, we grade the reverse a full MS64.  Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck, however there is a light area of flatness in her hair. It is NOT ugly or distracting. The eye appeal of this piece is wonderful!

PCGS 6, NGC 3, CAC 1. Even though these are wicked rare, they have come down in price. The last one of these to sell brought $115,000.00 in 11/2008. So NO PCGS MS63’s have been sold via auction for almost 10 years!  A PCGS MS64 CAC brought $108,600.00 01/2016 (the prior one brought $141,000.00 in 2014).

This coin will be an excellent addition to any choice MS Early Large Cent set. Opportunity knocks loud here!




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