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Item# 54133

One look and you can see why this coin had resided in the #1 Large Cent Collection. It is fully a VERY choice coin. The Blue Lake Collector purchased this coin back in 2000. It has been with him ever since.

immediately we are impressed by the bold glossy luster. When you twirl the coin, it seem slightly semi-prooflike. We do not think this coin has been cleaned, but may have seen a light camel hair brushing at some point (removes the crud). It is struck on a good planchet. The surfaces are virtually FLAWLESS. And we looked really hard for problems. There are NO spots or discolorations. Both sides are chocolate brown/with hints of honey/faint red. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck and do standout. The eye appeal is neat!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. The last auction record for one of these was back in 02/2013. That coin realized $71,875.00 then. The only other No Frac ever to be sold at  auction was a MS 65BN which brought $149,500.00 in 2008. The coin we are offering  here was replaced by the only RB graded-the MS64RB which brought $381,875.00 01/2014.

The extreme rarity of this piece in ANY grade can NOT be overstated (even in circ these practially do not exist). These are rarer then most Proof Gold-and even a few classic rarities!


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