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Item# 54477

Absolutely a remarkable GEM. We shake our heads in pure amazement as to how this coin has survived 223 years in such an impossible state of preservation. The quality is VERY high end!

Struck on a problem free planchet, even if you use a strong glass you will find no pitting or imperfections. There actually is a light luster. There is no question this coin is 100% original and has never been dipped, brushed , or ever messed with. Both sides are a slightly deeper chocolate brown.  You can actually see some hints of Mint red on the reverse. There are NO spots, but you can see some specks of Mint grease if you use a glass. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

PCGS 8, NGC 1, CAC 4. The prices history of this date and grade ar all over. It is critical to note, that a much lesser coin (quality wise) sold for $56,400.00 in 2016. However, in 2009 another example sold for $155,000.00. We’re offer an awful lot of coin here.

No question this coin will be a stud/star in any Type or Large Cent Collection that will be its new home.


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