Everyone by now should know how head over heels we are for any GEM Naftzger coin. The quality that man had in his collection will forever be UNRIVALED. This coin SUPER HIGH END piece is acknowledged to be one of the FINEST 1798’s that exists! It is certainly true to the Naftzger pedigree! Struck on a remarkable even and problem free planchet, this coin unbelievably has NO problems. The only thing you find using a strong glass-a thin die crack on the obverse. The surfaces are smooth and show no porosity. Both sides have a light luster that enhances the totally original color of even chocolate brown. Remarkably, there are NO spots or discolorations to be found. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have a remarkable strike. The eye appeal is mind blowing! PCGS 6, NGC 1, CAC 5. PCGS possibly has 3 finer-however if you place this coin next to them, you will agree this coin is up there too. This is the Reynolds coin that sold for $43,475.00 at the height of the copper melt down. We have no hesitation proclaiming this coin a full GEM. No matter how picky you are about your copper, this coin WILL impress you!


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