A truly superb borderline GEM example of a great early Large Cent rarity. A rich steely totally original blue sheen accentuates the smooth brown surfaces. Even using a strong glass, you will be more then impressed at the lack of any real problems.  The luster is strong and appears glossy. Struck from a very late die state, many of the peripheral details are somewhat mushy, but the center of the obverse is bold and the overdate feature is very well defined. Heavy die flow lines in the fields are noted and are mint made. The eye appeal is remarkable! PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 2. PCGS and NGC have graded NONE higher. Prior to this coin selling, the last sale of one was 10/2014. That coin brought $38,187.50. Keep in mind, once this coin is sold, your chances of finding the other CAC piece-slim to none. We can not stress enough the huge opportunity this coin offers to any Early Large cent Collector. This impressive coin is considered among EAC collectors to be the #3 specimen in their condition census.

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