If you know how these typically come in red, then you’ll know how nice this piece really is. We are awed by it! Overall, the surfaces are very clean and smooth. You see a lot of tiny toning dots and stains-which is what we think keeps it from an MS65 designation. The GEM original Mint Red color is enlivened by a full booming luster. Miss Liberty and all of the details are lightly frosty and are pretty much fully struck. This coin is actually more impressive when you look at it with a strong glass. The eye appeal is quite impressive! PCGS 11, NGC 9, CAC 2. This is the ONLY MS64+ graded by any service. There are NO auction records. Some how there is a low Collectors Universe value pf $7,500.00. Considering there is only 1 MS65RD CAC if that coin sold it would be worth $25,000.00++++. Opportunity more then knocks loud here. WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE


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