Currently, we have several coins we wish we could keep in stock forever. Sadly Bruce has reminded us we are in business, not building a collection. So it is with a heavy heart we are offering this out of this world crazy HIGH END coin for sale.  PCGS showed it no mercy for sure! Outstanding surfaces adorn the coin. The surfaces reveal NO problems-even if you use a strong glass. We could not even find small flecks. There is a super glossy luster that does beam boldly from all over. This coin looks like it was carved from a deeper chocolate bar. Every thing about the coin is totally original. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally well struck. The eye appeal is crazy, we sit all day staring and drooling over this SUPER GEM piece! PCGS 9, NGC 5, CAC 4. The last time one sold was way back (4 full years ago) in 01/2014. That coin brought $6,463.00. Fast forward to today. We sure have not seen any offered. Plus, when you have a tremendous looking coin like this, they always sell for more. Be glad this coin coin is not in auction! This piece really is a “must have” for any GEM Large Cent Collection. Or if you are just looking for something really neat that is not crazy priced-this is it! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE