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Item# 21220

This coin is nothing less then spectacular to us! We rarely see these PRE 1840 Proofs with full mirrors or with out problems. If you see a real numismatic treasure, this is it!

There is not even the slightest question as to whether this coin is a full proof (in 1829 and some 1830’s dates they made one sided Proofs). Deep and glittering mirrors beam from all over. They look like a freshly made sheet of glass. The mirrors also display bold clarity. Even using a strong glass we can’t find any imperfections. Both sides are a gorgeous and totally original mix of faded mint Red/chocolate brown/pale blue colors. Miss Liberty and the details are are well struck save for 11-4:00 on the obverse where some stars are weak (which might be what keeps this coins from a PR65 BN). The eye appeal is fabulous!

Estimated LESS then 15 were minted. PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 3. We do know this coin is Ex Floyd Starr. How many 1831 proofs of ANY denomination have you ever seen? We have owned one other 1831 PR 1C (a 64BN) and that’s all we have ever seen. We can’t stress enough the extreme rarity of this date in Proof. If you want something neat and different, opportunity can’t knock any louder!


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