As you all know by now, there are only 3 world class collections we’d buy coins from sightUNSEEN every time: The Blay Collection, Lord St Oswald, and our all time favorite-the Nafztger Collection. This coin easily fits our parameters of what a great SUPERB GEM should be! For this date and variety, this coin is the finest graded by PCGS after 30+ years of operations. It is so worthy and then some! Sensational surfaces are incredibly clean and smooth. The obverse shows a hint of gloss while the reverse is more lustrous. The obverse also has a beautiful even slightly deeper original brown color. The reverse is a lighter original chocolate color and even has peaks of faded Mint Red. There are NO stains, spots, or discolorations anywhere. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck. There is some weakness to note in the stars-but that is how this coin was struck. The eye appeal is remarkable! PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. There re NONE graded higher. There are no MS66 in RB either. The only time this coin ever appeared in auction-when it was sold in 2009 in the Naftzger sale. At that sale (which we attended), the internet went down and we bought everything we could as the coins were stupid cheap then (this is a fact). Almost 10 years later, the numismatic public now sees the powerful qualities and rarities these coins all have! Opportunity cannot knock any louder here! Remember, this is a 183 year old FINEST KNOWN copper cent with the BEST pedigree ever for copper!