This is a magnificent near GEM Proof Large Cent. After inspecting it thoroughly, it left us drooling! Moderate mirrors (which is the way these came) beam from all over. The mirrors are exceptionally clean and sleek. The mirrors really appear when you twirl the coin. In fact, we used a strong glass to look around and found NO imperfections. There are many original colors on this beautiful piece. Rich chocolate brown/purple/olive/blue original colors swirl all over. There are no spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are needle  sharp in strike. The eye appeal is fantastic! PCSG 3, NGC 0, CAC 2. The last coin to sell in auction was back in 04/2013. That was 5 forever years ago. Here you have an obsolete copper coin that is 180 years old, and is in top condition. It is estimated that fewer then 30 were ever minted. If this was the same date in silver, in this grade it would be worth $125,000.00 (one sold for that in 2014).  What a great deal and coin this is!