What a remarkable piece! We do consider this coin HIGH END. Moderate mirrors do glow all over. You can clearly see the mirrors are exceedingly clean. A moderate mix of totally original faded mint red/pale brown/pale blue colors all swirl together on both sides. This is far from being a dull or drab coin. Plus you can only find one microscopic fleck next to the date, and no spots or discolorations any where else. Miss Liberty is sharply struck and does stand out. There is some slight weakness in the stars at 2-3:00. The eye appeal is totally super! Less then 12 were believed to have been minted. That is as rare as a 94S 10C and an 1804 $1! PCGS 4, NGC 0, CAC 2. The last piece to sell in auction was a PCGS NON CAC. It brought $47,000.00  01/2017. We think this is such a cool coin. Opportunity knocks loud here!