Except for selling the entire Kauffman Collection of PR Large Cents many years ago, this is really the first 1842 1C proof  we have ever handled. It s a very neat coin. The mirrors are extremely light-but you can see traces, especially around the devices. All over the surfaces are impeccably clean and smooth. Both sides are a rich brown (NOT DULL) and do show tiny hints of original Mint Red  color (on the reverse). There are NO spots or discolorations. Every detail is sharply struck and stands out. The eye appeal is nice! It is estimated LESS then 20 were ever minted. PCGS 4, NGC 0, CAC 3. That is classic rarity type of a mintage!  That means it as rare or rarer then things like a 1804 $1 and a 1894S 10C. The ONLY PCGS CAC piece to ever sell in auction brought $13,512.00 in 01/2016 a famous weak auction if there ever was one!  One PR65BN does exist-last selling in 2011. Regardless, this is a heck of  rare coin. We bet some of the pop is duplicated.  Good luck finding another!