This is an absolutely marvelous GEM! How it has survived in such great condition for 173 years is also amazing. Moderate and fully visible mirrors beam from all over. The mirrors actually are clean and do offer good clarity. when you twirl the coin, the mirrors come even more alive. Both sides are a deeper totally original chocolate brown/purple m color mix. There are ZERO spots or stains. Miss Liberty and every detail are needle sharp in strike an boldly stand  out. The eye appeal is pretty neat! ONLY 15 were ever minted. That is a crazy number. There were 24 1894S Dime produced! A GEM sells for $2,000,000.00 if you could even find one. PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. Hard to imagine there is one finer and it is CAC. You can count on your hands how many of these actually exist. The coin we are offering here sold for $23,500.00 in 2014. The current Collector Universe is $30,000.00. This might be your only chance at a GEM PCGS CAC 1845 Proof!


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