1C 1856 FE PCGS PR65


We’d say next to the 1909S VDB, the 1856 FE is one of the most popular Cents that exists. Any time we can buy a beautiful fully GEM example we do. Of course this coin is a gorgeous GEM! For an 1856, this coin displays mirrors that are slightly above average. Typically, you won’t see any at all. The surfaces re extremely clean and smooth. The reflectivity is actually good. Both sides are evenly blanketed by a lovely original mix of pale golden brown/pale russet/deep champagne colors. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has gentle frost. The eye appeal is really super! PCGS 51, NGC 33, CAC 16. Prior to this coin selling, the last one to sell in auction brought $32,900.00 01/2016. Basically, this date and grade has held its value nicely. Demand has never ceased. We looked at prices from the past 2 years, they range from $29,375.00 to $42,300.00. This coin is also above average in terms of its not dull and actually has some color! This coin is a wonderful example of a classic famous “old time” rarity.


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