1C 1857 FE PCGS MS66


This is one rare Flying Eagle. While these can be found in MS66 (once in a blue moon), they can’t be found in the state of preservation this coin is in. Rarely do we find these oozing with so much originality. Outstanding surfaces are unquestionably pristine. Even using a strong glass not only won’t you find any disturbance, you actually find some light toning. A moderate luster beams from all over. The color is a rich¬† golden brown color. There are NO spots. No question, this coin has NEVER been dipped. Every detail is sharply struck. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 21, NGC 14, CAC 8. PCGS has graded NONE higher. We were kinda surprised to learn this piece sold via auction for $15,600.00 08/2018. With out any hesitation, we paid MORE. Be glad this was not in our recent Regency Sale. We found NO records of any PCGS CAC ever selling via an auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $22,500.00. Opportunity knocks loud here! This is a great coin for any Type or GEM MS FE set.


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