As HIGH END and as close to an MS67 as you probably will find. One HIDDEN line keeps this coin fro an MS67 designation. Outstanding surfaces are sleek and clean overall. Only when using a strong glass and looking really hard can you find a single line and a tiny fleck. Take those away, and the coin is a lock MS67! A MONSTER intense blazing luster can be seen from across the room. The color is a totally original copper/gold color. Every detail is razor sharp in strike and stand out. The eye appeal is both memorable and gorgeous! PCGS 13, NGC 15, CAC 4. PCGS has graded 5 in MS66+. There are NONE higher anywhere. Collectors Universe Value this coin at $35,000.00. We think its more like $40,000.00. Heck, a PCGS CAC MS67 would be $75-$100,000.00 easy! Regardless, the quality and eye appeal of this coin are all there and then some.  


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