What a killer GEM Proof! Most impressive about this coin-the mirrors are really deep. Only when using a strong glass can you find a few microscopic flecks. There are NO spots or PVC. The mirrors are also, crystal clear, clean, and have awesome reflection. The reverse has some light original toning as it appears to have been the side that sat on cloth or felt. The color is a vibrant original copper nickel/gold. Miss Liberty and every detail is needle sharp in strike and has generous frost. The eye appeal is gorgeous! ONLY 550 were made of this popular and rare Civil War date. PCGS 22, NGC 20, CAC 8. The last example of a PCGS PR66 Cameo to sell in auction brought $4,583.00 04/2015. We bought his coin very “right” and will sell it very “right”! WE HAVE POSTED THIS COIN AT OUR BEST PRICE!


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