We are thrilled to own and offer this classic rarity Civil War era date. ONLY 20 were believed to have been minted. Having seen the majority of the PR65 RB’s, we unhesitatingly proclaim this to be the finest.  It is certainly the finest on the market today. The + and CAC bean adds to proof of its high end quality and total originality. The mirrors are as deep, clear, and clean as you will find. If you twirl the coin, the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of glass. There are some tiny toning dots scattered around the rich mostly faded original Mint Red/pale gold color. Miss Liberty and the details are not only sharply struck, but are fully frosted.  In fact we are surprised this coin was not designated a cameo. The eye appeal is stunning! PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 4 (we’re sure this coin is at least 2 beans). This is the ONLY PR65+ RB graded anywhere. PCGS has graded only 1 PR66RB higher. The last PR65RB to sell in auction brought $108,688.00 05/2105. The current Collectors Universe Value is $130,000.00 for a 65+RB. If you are a picky collector who wants an totally original never messed with coin-we are proud to present this for your consideration. This coin is certainly one of the finest survivors of this extremely rare date.


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