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Item# 21926

It is a myth that this date comes really nice. In our 35+ years of working the bourse floors and auctions, we have to say this is probably the BEST 1877 PR we have EVER seen! Further, we wonder why it did not + (no promises).

Superior mirrors are deep, crystal clear, ultra clean, and have intense reflectivity.The mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of clear glass hitting the sunlight at just the right angle. Both sides are a GEM ORIGINAL Mint Red color. Just a few microscopic toning flecks can be detected if you look really hard. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have generous light frost. The eye appeal is outstanding!

ONLY 900 were minted. PCGS 11, NGC 2, CAC 1. We do not believe there are 11 actually graded PR66. PCGS has graded 2 finer. This coin last sold back in 2011 for $17,250.00. Not only do you hardly ever see these, you will never seen another one remotely similar! No matter how picky you are, this coin WILL more then please you.


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