There are monster trucks, sea monsters, and then there is this coin-an stunning monster! Immaculate surfaces are also super smooth. Even using a strong glass there are no real imperfections to be found. The luster is surprising strong and beams boldly from all over. Both sides are graced by a totally original GEM RED color with pale gold highlights. There re one or two microscopic toning dots-no stains or pvc problems. All of the details are frosted and are sharply struck. We can’t say we see later dates looking this good. The eye appeal is great! PCGS 13, NGC 8, CAC 5. This is the remarkable coin that brought $18,800.00 in 02/2012. It has been with the Grayson collector since then. As you may expect, this coin will easily fit into any SUPERB GEM 1C Indian Collection. We certainly can not say we have seen any others-we have not seen any pre 1900 1C (save for 1899) in MS67 RD that are for real!  Be glad this is not in an auction.